April Focuses On Working With Clients Who Want To  Achieve Real And Measurable Results


April’s Clients

April’s ideal client must be open-minded to strategic thinking and willing to execute on the implementations and strategies agreed upon.

You must have a strong work ethic, be reliable and hold yourself accountable.

You must be committed, motivated, and willing to invest at least 3 hours a month with April. A minimum of 20 hours a month must be dedicated to the development and growth of your business for it to reach its fullest potential.

Change takes time. It typically takes 12-18 months to transform your business and life. If you are looking for a quick fix this isn’t the program for you. If you are not ready or committed to creating change, this may not be a good fit for you. You must be determined and have the persistence it takes to achieve your results!


“April Is Always Focused On Macro Thinking, Including Bettering Process And Optimizing Each Individual’s Contributions To Supersede Targets”

After having worked very closely with April Cummins for an extended period of time, I was impacted by some of her very strong characteristics. Beyond being a very conscientious and caring person, she was a leader with a drive like no other. This included always pushing the envelope and looking for the next challenge to overcome. Her personality is infectious, driving others to follow, but always leading by example.

Sean S