“April Is Very Insightful And Provides A Forum For Corporate Direction And Individual Leadership”

April thinks “outside of the box” and “gets things done”. She is quick to identify core areas of focus within a business and provides a foresight for personal growth and concrete plans of action to get here.

Adam B

“April Cummins Is An Amazing Mentor.”

April caters her approach to really make a difference in your life. She is willing to share her skills, knowledge, and expertise while promoting ongoing learning and growth. By far, the best investment I ever made in both my personal and professional life.

Dr. Irfaan Salyani

“I Can Say With Conviction That April Succeeds Where Most Will Fail”

I’ve worked with April Cummins for a number of years. April’s tenacious single minded determination to drive a company has inspired many who know her. April’s passion for business is grounded with a genuine personality and sincere interest in her clients, staff and family, which will set her apart from many in business.

Don A

“Whatever April Touches Turns Into Exceptional Success”

I have known April for more than 15 years during which I have been contracted by her on multiple occasions to develop custom web applications and to supply her businesses with web hosting and email solutions. April is a wonderful person, a great motivator with exceptional entrepreneurial and leadership skills. Aspiring entrepreneurs and business professionals should follow her advice as she is a true leader that has developed a number of multi-million dollar companies over the course of her dynamic and powerful career. I am proud to know her and can only recommend her business development courses and consulting services to anyone seeking to bring their own success to the next level.

Henning G

“April Exudes The Qualities That Highly Successful People Need To Achieve Lofty Goals”

In business, I find April unique. She is highly motivated, creative and driven to succeed. April is reliable, consistent and very focused. In addition I have found April particularly trustworthy which at times can be a rare commodity in business.

Bruce S

“April Is Always Focused On Macro Thinking, Including Bettering Process And Optimizing Each Individual’s Contributions To Supersede Targets”

After having worked very closely with April Cummins for an extended period of time, I was impacted by some of her very strong characteristics. Beyond being a very conscientious and caring person, she was a leader with a drive like no other. This included always pushing the envelope and looking for the next challenge to overcome. Her personality is infectious, driving others to follow, but always leading by example.

Sean S

“Working With April And Her Team Has Been An Invaluable Experience For My Business”

Their expertise spans a wide range, from refining high-level strategies and tackling accounting challenges to enhancing SEO and boosting sales. Their collaborative approach, dedication, and ability to identify growth opportunities have been instrumental in achieving better financial management and setting the stage for expansion. I wholeheartedly recommend April and her team to anyone looking for comprehensive business consultants who deliver transformative results.

Alan T

“I Have Been Working With April For Almost Two Years Now And Can Honestly Say She Has Made A Huge Impact On Not Only My Business, But My Life.”

April does not “sugar-coat” things, but puts you in the right position to succeed. She clearly defines where your are lacking in your business and by working under her system, you can’t not succeed. If you want real results, it’s a no brainer to work with April…

Chris G