April’s Philosophy


In my 30 years of experience, I have come to the conclusion that most people don’t have problems in their business, they have personal roadblocks in their life that are reflected in their business.

Successful Businesses

“Your business will only grow as big as you are”

Having a successful business is more about psychology than it is about finding technical advantages, utilizing the latest marketing trends and business strategies.

When something doesn’t work, business owners typically only look internally to solve the problem. They feel it may be the staff or the company they outsourced, and end up spending hours trying to figure out what went wrong, all the while getting more frustrated.

In my experience, businesses will often look to continue spending valuable time and money on trying new things, with no plan, strategy, or measurement in place.

Business owners ignore the most crucial part of their business -THEMSELVES.

Success Stories

Sean S.

After having worked very closely with April Cummins for an extended period of time, I was impacted by some of her very strong characteristics. Beyond being a very conscientious and caring person, she was a leader with a drive like no other. This included always pushing the envelope and looking for the next challenge to overcome. Her personality is infectious, driving others to follow, but always leading by example..

Sean S. / Corporate and Business Consultant
Chris G.

I have been working with April for almost two years now and can honestly say she has made a huge impact on not only my business, but my life. She does not "sugar-coat" things, but puts you in the right position to succeed. She clearly defines where your are lacking in your business and by working under her system, you can't not succeed. If you want real results, it's a no brainer to work with April...

Chris G. / CGX Marketing
Bruce S.

In business, I find April unique. She is highly motivated, creative and driven to succeed. April is reliable, consistent and very focused. In addition I have found April particularly trustworthy which at times can be a rare commodity in business.

Bruce S. / Retirement & Long-term Care Home Owner
Don A.

I’ve worked with April Cummins for a number of years. April’s tenacious single minded determination to drive a company has inspired many who know her. April’s passion for business is grounded with a genuine personality and sincere interest in her clients, staff and family, which will set her apart from many in business.

Don A. / Sr. Hospitality Manager
Dr. Salyani

April caters her approach to really make a difference in your life. She is willing to share her skills, knowledge, and expertise while promoting ongoing learning and growth. By far, the best investment I ever made in both my personal and professional life.

Dr. Salyani / Collingwood Dentistry
Adam B.

April thinks “outside of the box” and “gets things done”. She is quick to identify core areas of focus within a business and provides a foresight for personal growth and concrete plans of action to get here..

Adam B. / Entrepreneur
Greg C.

I had the pleasure of working with April and I am beyond thrilled with the results. From start to finish, her expertise and dedication to my business were evident. I cannot recommend them highly enough for anyone seeking to elevate their business to new heights.

Greg. C / Online Retailer
Alan T.

Working with April and her team has been an invaluable experience for my business. Their expertise spans a wide range, from refining high-level strategies and tackling accounting challenges to enhancing SEO and boosting sales. Their collaborative approach, dedication, and ability to identify growth opportunities have been instrumental in achieving better financial management and setting the stage for expansion. I wholeheartedly recommend April and her team to anyone looking for comprehensive business consultants who deliver transformative results.

Alan T. / Off Grid Customs
Veronica S.

From the get-go, April showed an incredible grasp of what we needed for our business. She really dug into my business model, its strengths, and where we were struggling. What blew me away was how she found opportunities I never even considered and came up with game-changing strategies that fit my goals perfectly. It was like working with someone who truly gets it.

Veronica S. / Accountant
Ian M.

The communication with April was smooth sailing from start to finish. She was not only incredibly attentive to my ideas and concerns, but also gave invaluable insights that truly helped shape the vision for my business. With her guidance, I was able to smooth out our operations, and, most importantly, create higher revenue growth. I couldn't be happier with the outcome!

Ian M. / Real Estate
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The Truth Most Business Owners Don’t Want to Hear

Your Business is a Direct Reflection of Yourself

Have you ever wondered why other businesses in your industry are continuously outperforming yours?  

If something is happening in your business, whether it’s good or bad, chances are it’s happening in your personal life as well. 

What I have experienced and witnessed is there are no amount of business strategies that will solve personal growth problems appearing in your business

The only way to fix these problems is to solve them personally.  

It’s easier than you think – all you need is some support and guidance.