April’s Philosophy


In my 30 years of experience, I have come to the conclusion that most people don’t have problems in their business, they have personal roadblocks in their life that are reflected in their business.

Successful Businesses

It’s All About Philosophy

Having a successful business is more about psychology than it is about finding the gaps, technical advantages, the latest marketing method, and new business strategies.

When something doesn’t work, business owners only look inside their business to solve the problem.

They feel it may be the staff or the company they outsourced, and they spend hours trying to figure out what went wrong, all the while getting more frustrated.

They say to themselves, “What can I do now, or what can I learn or implement to try and fix the issue? Maybe I will get marketing to create a new strategy, and they can craft a genius email campaign”.

They are continually spending valuable time and money, trying new things, reactively with no plan, strategy, or measurement in place.  

They think they can just look at the business, find the problem and fix it, but they ignore the most crucial part, THEMSELVES and what got them there in the first place. Most of the time, the same issues keep coming up for the same owners. 

Here is The Truth Most Business Owners Don’t Want to Hear

Your Business Is A Direct Reflection Of Yourself

And It Will Only Grow As Big as You Are

Have you ever wondered why others with the same business are more successful even though you offer the same product and or services?  You have access to the same tools, and yet you’re continually struggling. It’s YOU!

If something is happening in your business, whether it’s good or bad, chances are it’s happening in your personal life as well. 

For example, let’s look at Cash Flow

If your relationship with money has conditioned you to spend, your finances will always be tapped  this will be mirrored in your business finances as well.  

Let’s look at Sales.

When a business is struggling to gain more clients or close sales, the first thing to focus on is the perception of self-worth.

We have been taught in old business practices to separate our business life from our personal life. The fact is, that’s not how it works. because it is your perspective and beliefs that are running both your life and  your company.

The bottom line is this; if your sales are not where you want them to be, it’s not a business problem.

It’s a personal problem. And I’ve been there more than you can imagine.

I’m not saying there aren’t ways to sell more effectively. But in the end, it comes down to whether or not you believe that YOU are worth it and can to lead your team to the same vision.

When you have a grasp on your self-worth, you won’t cringe when someone asks how much your service or product is. 

You will feel confident about what you’re offering. 

Most importantly, you will be helping more people who need your service or products

Business owners try to solve business problems with pure business tactics, and we wonder why 80% of businesses don’t make it.

What I have experienced and witnessed is there are no amount of business strategies that will solve personal growth problems appearing in your business

The only way to fix these problems is to solve them personally, and they will then be solved in your business as well.

 It’s Easier Than You Think
All You Need Is Some Support And Guidance


“I can say with conviction that April succeeds where most will fail”

I’ve worked with April Cummins for a number of years. April’s tenacious single minded determination to drive a company has inspired many who know her. April’s passion for business is grounded with a genuine personality and sincere interest in her clients, staff and family, which will set her apart from many in business.

Don A