April is a transformational expert who helps business owners move from overwhelm and being stuck to achieving the results they need in business and start living a stress-free healthy life.

Proven Success

About April Cummins

April has a talent for getting people to take-action and successfully create a healthy connection between their businesses and lives. In doing so, they can start achieving the goals they have yet to complete.

You Can Increase Business and Balance Your Life At The Same Time

April has made a career out of taking companies from zero to producing millions. 

Today, April focuses on helping business owners and leaders take their businesses to the next level. Her business and life strategy consulting services draw from having over three decades of street-smart business experience. 

Throughout her career, April has learned that producing real results requires a holistic approach to business. She’s witnessed it produce success over and over again. She’s personally practiced it in her own life. Now she teaches it.

April has a talent for getting people to take action; whether that be in their business or personal life. She strives to help people achieve their goals and accomplish feats they never thought possible. She has a high-energy, straight-to-the-point style that keeps clients captivated.

In April’s Words

After working in my businesses, and with other business owners for years, I found a common denominator between the Truly Successful Businesses and the Struggling Businesses.

First off, let’s define the way I see success.

Success isn’t just financial. Real success and true fulfillment lie in the passion for your work, feeling great in your relationships, and obtaining strong physical health.

Once all those areas are balanced, you have successfully obtained the freedom that very few in this world have reached.

I’ve personally observed business owners who are truly fulfilled and successful and the commonality is that they work holistically by evaluating all aspects of their business and personal life.

Working holistically helps you learn where you are dishonest with yourself. By using fact-based information, you can obtain a new perspective and transform your current situation into one you truly want to be in.

April uses the same principles and practices that have helped business owners achieve success and create true balance in their lives.