Every great Entrepreneur, Leader, and Athlete surround themselves with consultants, coaches, advisors, and mentors for a reason ………… keeping them on top of their game.

Why Every Business Owner Needs Strategy

Every great entrepreneur, leader, and athlete surrounds themselves with consultants, coaches, advisors, and mentors for a reason … keeping them on top of their game.  

What April has witnessed is that the most successful individuals in life and business work holistically. 

So what does that mean?

The definition of holistic is that things should be observed as a whole and not just in their parts

April looks at all aspects of business and personal life simultaneously.  

Whether you like it or not, your business is a direct reflection of yourself. 

Everything that is great about your company, you can certainly take credit for; however, everything that’s not so great, you need to take credit for as well. 

Your company will not grow unless you grow as an individual. 

Let’s be honest here ……. no one is entirely objective about one’s self …. especially when achieving some level of success. 

Sometimes our ego is our worst enemy.  

April will help you learn where you are dishonest with yourself …. with fact-based information. April will shine a light and give you a new perspective with one thing in mind, to assist both you, as an individual, and your company to grow together. 

Having built several companies from the ground up, over the past 30 years, April is grateful to have had the opportunity to work with two of the largest consulting/coaching companies in North America,  April will be honest about her experiences from a business owner’s perspective.

Most consultants/coaches are wonderful people. However, the ones April worked with had never owned a company ……. they were able to teach systemization, time-management, and better organizational skills …. but, when it came to the tough decisions, as in creating new strategies for revenue growth, or when April just needed someone to talk to, they were unavailable, and unfortunately with their lack of business experience, April felt she was often left in the dark.  

Let me give you an example. You are at the doctor’s, and the doctor brings in an intern and explains to you that the intern will be doing the procedure ……. how does that make you feel? 

Uncomfortable, right! 

However, the intern has the same credentials as the doctor ……….. what the intern is missing is the experience the doctor has accumulated over the years that gives you a comfort level and confidence in the doctor. 

Would you want to learn to fly from a pilot that’s never been in the air? 

People don’t want to talk to Richard Branson because of the schooling he’s had; they want to speak to him for his experience  At the end of the day, the experience is more valuable than the schooling.

April has lived, breathed and felt everything you’re currently going through in business. No amount of training can replace that level of understanding, that’s why April is confident enough to guarantee results.                    

The bottom line is this …….. If your business can’t run without you …….. you’re overwhelmed and exhausted ………. you are lying to yourself about the stability of your company, and you may need some assistance. 

April’s vision is to help you achieve success on all levels and not just financially.  The truth to real success and the art of fulfillment lies in your work, your relationships, and obtaining excellent health. When all these areas are balanced, there is a freedom that very few in this world reach.


“Whatever April Touches Turns Into Exceptional Success”

I have known April for more than 15 years during which I have been contracted by her on multiple occasions to develop custom web applications and to supply her businesses with web hosting and email solutions. April is a wonderful person, a great motivator with exceptional entrepreneurial and leadership skills. Aspiring entrepreneurs and business professionals should follow her advice as she is a true leader that has developed a number of multi-million dollar companies over the course of her dynamic and powerful career. I am proud to know her and can only recommend her business development courses and consulting services to anyone seeking to bring their own success to the next level.

Henning G