Is your personal health affecting your business?

by April Cummins

Your personal health is critical

It is critical to take care of your health. Apart from the obvious personal reasons, your mental, emotional, and physical health can affect your business. Most business owners are not aware of this. Health issues can and will affect an individual’s performance in all aspects of life. If a person is depressed, they won’t care to go out, meet up with friends and get involved in social activities. Do you really think they’d make an exception for work activities? In this blog, I will go over the 4 questions to ask yourself in relation to the question: “Is your personal health affecting your business?”

How do you know your health is affecting your business?  Answer these 4 questions and by the end ……’ll know.  

1. Are you constantly tired?

As a business owner, you have a busy schedule. There are meetings to attend, employees to coordinate, and fires to put out – this can take up a lot of your time.

You’re probably feeling like you don’t have any energy or a lot of the time, which can affect your performance, focus, and even relationships with clients or staff. The solution isn’t to just drink more coffee. You most likely need a change in lifestyle. Stop eating lunch whenever you have time. Instead, make time for lunch every day and have a healthy meal. Exercise more, drink more water, and you may start to feel an improvement.

2. Do the little things stress you out?

Even the smallest problems in your business can feel like they become your own personal problems. Suffice to say, you can’t let the little things get you. Otherwise, you’d be living under a constant wave of anxiety.

3. Are you clocking in a lot of extra hours?

Extra hours are sometimes a necessity to finish up a project before a deadline, but if you regularly spend extra hours at the office, your productivity and work quality is going to take a hit.

Everyone needs time off and breaks to detach (literally and figuratively) from their work. Continuing to work when your body tells you to quit isn’t healthy in the long run, and the results will be felt in your business’ performance.

4. Are you having issues working alongside your staff?

Leaders give off a certain energy that others may pick up on when they don’t feel well. It can be anything from becoming easily frustrated to having difficulties concentrating. Either way, these energies can affect the relationship you have with your staff. Additionally, the overall work can take a hit. Just imagine having to work for someone who snaps at the smallest things. Would you put up with that?

What you can do next?

You may feel like it’s impossible, but sometimes you just need to take a break from your business and reflect on yourself; address any health issues head-on, and not allow it to negatively affect your business anymore.

Every successful business owner knows the best investment is themselves. If you are having trouble putting yourself first and organizing your time between your business and personal life, hiring an outside consultant such as myself can drastically improve your situation.

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