The most effective marketing strategies

by April Cummins

I have no doubt about it, marketing is an art form. Being able to create a strategy that will inspire people, grab their attention, and make them want to try your product or service isn’t something that just happens overnight. The problem is most marketing tools available today are so easy to use that they give business owners the illusion that they know what they are doing.

Spoiler alert: Most of them don’t, which is ok. There are other things that you need to focus your energy on. In this blog, I will examine how to effectively market your business.

Are you getting a continuous flow of new customers every day?

If the answer to this question is “yes”, congrats! You know how to market your business. If it’s “no”, then you should keep reading. 

A lot of people think that marketing = selling, or telling people what to buy. It’s really a lot more than that. Good marketing practices reflect and contribute to the overall goal of a business, and the only way it can do that is if you have a good strategy in place. Unfortunately, a lot of business owners skip this step or reduce it to a couple of ads disseminated here and there. It’s no wonder they barely get any results and start thinking that marketing doesn’t work – they aren’t applying the correct measures to succeed. 

Marketing isn’t easy

The first rule of marketing your business is asking yourself how well you know the business in the first place. The product and service you sell is only a small part of a bigger picture that also includes:

  • Business goals and objectives for the future
  • Target audience profile
  • Business resources that can be used for marketing (staff, budgets, time, etc.)

Only after you have these things clear in your mind can you even begin to form the marketing strategy. However, there’s one more common mistake a lot of business owners make that I need to address.

Not hiring the right people

As I said previously, a lot of marketing tools are very easy to use. Anyone can write a tweet or post a picture on Instagram.  As a result, I’ve seen many business owners handle these marketing efforts themselves, or hand them off to another employee.

The marketing practices of your business should be someone’s sole focus. You can’t expect any results if you only work on them when you have time. Successful marketing needs consistency and frequency. It also needs some experience

If you’re not seeing any results, it’s because the person you’ve hired to do your business’s marketing isn’t prepared for this job, or isn’t at a level that can help you grow. Unless you’re getting more customers or clients than you can handle, you can’t say you’re utilizing effective advertising strategies.

What can you do right now?

Hire the right people. I really can’t stress this enough. Particularly if you don’t already have a developed online presence. Bring in a team that can help you create a strategy around your business’s goals, and implement a strategy using the many marketing tools available.

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