Are you running your business or is it running you?

by April Cummins

Take a second (I know you don’t have one, but I promise it will be worth your time) to remember how you thought your life would be as a business owner. 

You’d wake up at 5 AM to work out, meditate, and plan the day ahead. You would have breakfast and then start working with fierce passion. You would see yourself taking long walks to brainstorm ideas, playing tennis during lunch or snoozing until the late hours of the morning because you’re the boss and you can do what you want.

In reality, you can’t remember when you last had a decent meal, prison inmates take longer showers than you and you’re sleep-deprived. Your business is sucking the life out of you. Starting a business isn’t for the faint of heart. It requires stamina, dedication, and passion. Sometimes your ambition may become your enemy and sabotage your success. In this blog, I will teach you how to tell if your business is “running you” instead of you running it.

“My business will crumble without me!”

If I had a dollar for every time a client complained to me about how their business would stop functioning without them, I would probably be a millionaire. If that were true, you would need to examine your team carefully and take the appropriate measures. Otherwise, your business should run on autopilot with minimum input on your end.

The truth is that you’re probably overprotective and overcautious, and, understandably so. Your business is your baby and you feel like you are the only one who can do things right. But, you’re not. There are others more qualified than you that can take care of your marketing, content creation, web design, and accounting. You should let them do their jobs. This allows you to focus on growing your business, not spreading yourself thin in a million different directions.

You think you are saving money

When you are running on a tight budget, you may think doing certain tasks by yourself will save you a few bucks. Ask yourself this ….. how much is it worth to spend a week of stressful, sleepless nights trying to build your company’s website? This is time that could’ve been spent doing something to help grow your business in an area you’re talented in.

Know your limitations and outsource tasks you don’t specialize in. Take advantage of the gig economy and hire freelancers to help you where your skills are lacking. 

You feel as though you have to oversee your team every step of the way

It may be because you are micromanaging or not giving your team enough instructions. If your staff has to run every decision by you, your business isn’t running efficiently. 

How to take charge of your business

Recognizing the signs and admitting that something has to change about the way you run your business is a good start. This is why the top business owners always work with mentors or coaches. It’s easy to get yourself caught up in so many daily tasks that your business starts running you. 

If you feel like you grind and grind without any real results to show you may need a different perspective.

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