5 Signs Your Mental Health Is Suffering Because Of Your Business

by April Cummins

Are you a business owner STRUGGLING to keep your mental health in check? If so, you’re far from alone; in a recent study, it was estimated that around 2/3 of business owners were either burnt out or on the verge of burning out.   

It may not always be obvious, but there are several signs that you should look for if you’re wanting to maintain good mental wellbeing while running your business.  

In this article, I will go over five key signs that your mental health may be suffering from running your business.

1. You’re feeling overwhelmed and unable to cope with stress

Running a successful business requires you to stay on top of many different responsibilities, which can take its toll on your emotional wellbeing over time. If this pressure becomes too much to handle, it can lead to feelings of anxiety and depression.

2. You’re feeling isolated

This has to be one of the most common feelings business owners talk to me about….The amount of time we spend running a business can lead to us feeling disconnected from our friends and family. 

This can negatively impact your mental health if it continues over an extended period of time….

3. You’re having trouble sleeping

Running a business requires you to constantly be ‘on’ and available for work related tasks; this can often interfere with our sleep patterns and cause insomnia or other problems with getting enough restful sleep. 

When you don’t get enough quality sleep, it impacts your mood, energy level, focus – all which are key components of good mental health.

4. You’re struggling to stay motivated

When you’re feeling overwhelmed, it can be hard to find the energy and motivation to stay on top of your work. 

This could lead to procrastination or feeling burnt-out from all the work you know you have to get done. The more you put off projects or tasks, the further damage you cause to your mental health.

5. You’re using unhealthy coping methods

Stress is a common problem for business owners and if left unchecked, can escalate into more serious issues such as depression or anxiety. 

If you find yourself turning to unhealthy coping mechanisms like unhealthy eating, alcohol, or worse, then it’s important that you recognize these signs before they become even more problematic.

If you’re feeling tired, burnt out, anxious or depressed and feel as though your mental health is suffering because of your business……

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April Cummins

P.S. Remember that the journey of running a business can be tough but with the right attitude and resources, you can overcome any challenge that comes your way.

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