Is Your Business A Self Created Hamster Wheel?

by April Cummins

Here’s How You Can Fix It.

You decided to go into business to create financial freedom and the time to do what’s important to you, right?

In fact, statistics show that  90% of self-made millionaires earn their money from owning their own company………….so give yourself credit for taking action to create the life you wanted.

But here’s what happens

Your business started out slow and then slowly built up as time went on. Now, you’re finally gaining some momentum. Except, it’s not momentum. It’s a loop you can’t get out of, and one that’s probably preventing you from truly achieving what you really want.

And it’s called The Hamster Wheel  ………. So What is it?

The Actual definition of a Hamster-wheel. Noun. (plural hamster wheels). A circular cage for a hamster or other small rodent, which rotates vertically as the animal runs at the bottom. (figuratively, by extension) A monotonous, repetitive, unfulfilling activity, especially one in which no progress is achieved. In business terms, a hamster wheel is a pattern most owners are stuck repeating over and over, and most don’t even realize they’re in it!.

You may eventually make some progress, though it’s not consistent, nor do you have a clear idea what generates your business or know the real reason people buy from you (was is marketing? was it referrals?).

As the business owner, you are 100% involved in all the processes of your business, even though you really should have some delegates, and more importantly, mentors! If you take yourself out of the equation, your business would fall apart. It’s 100% reliable on you.

Does all that sound familiar? Listen, we get the hands-on business owner approach, but when you focus too much on operations and constantly putting out fires, you’re losing the bigger picture of what your business should achieve and why you opened it, to begin with. I’m sure you didn’t intentionally sign up for 70-hour workweeks, unpredictable cashflow and a hit to your health.

In my opinion, business owners should take a step back from operational tasks and focus on business growth and systemization. It’s difficult to be the owner and an employee at the same time.

It Can Affect You Personally

When’s the last time you took a vacation? Or the last time you didn’t answer a work call during dinner with your family? The hamster wheel you created does that to you, and you can become so invested in the business, that your personal life takes a back seat.

And that’s not a sign of dedication, it’s a sign that you are worried. So much so, that you feel like you can’t afford to take a few days off because the business might go under if you’re not overseeing all the processes at all times.

So Here’s What You Can You Do?

Let’s be honest: you can’t escape it overnight. At this moment, your business works like a machine to which you are the engine. Take away the engine, the machine stops working, which was your initial fear all along.

But, with proper strategy, systemization and proper mentoring, you can plan to replace the engine.  Meaning, you can plan to slowly take yourself out of certain processes and create more time for yourself.  If your business is getting some extra cash flow, great! Don’t start thinking about how to expand to increase profits. Instead, start saving those funds to invest them in your personal growth.

The most successful people in the world understand the best investment you can ever make is in yourself,

The Bottom Line Is This

If your business can’t run without you …….. you’re overwhelmed and exhausted ………. you are lying to yourself about the stability of your company, and you may need some assistance.

Its Time To Get Off The Hampster Wheel.

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