The Bottom Line: Results

April’s drive and passion is to help you transform and grow in every area of your business and life. Her goal is to help you reach success in all areas.


A Holistic Business Strategist

April is a results-oriented Holistic Business Strategist. 

She is an entrepreneur at heart … building over a dozen companies from small ventures to multi-million dollar organizations within the last 30 years. 

It’s been her passion for creating Business and Lifestyle transformations by helping business owners shift from their current habits into healthier ones and Growing their Business while creating calm in their lives.

April has a talent that leads clients from frustration, overwhelm and/or a feeling of nonfulfillment by attaining growth, balance, and peace of mind in business and life. 

She has an intuitive and “cut to the chase” style that supports growth on all levels and supports her unique ability to get people to take action and produce results, and she tells it like it is. 

April has walked your walk and has personally been through everything a business owner has to deal with. 

April guarantees measurable results and will be there when you need her most ….. not just on your scheduled call.

Being a certified health strategist, April knows for a fact that the health of your company is directly related to your personal health. 

April’s goal is to provide results for you.  Creating unique strategies, so you become YOUR BEST in business and life.

April Believes In Creating True Success On All Levels

“Not Just Financially”

The Truth To Real Success And The Art Of Fulfillment Lies In Your Work, Your Relationships And Obtaining Great Health. 

When All These Areas Are Balanced, There Is A Freedom That Very Few In This World Reach.

Create Balance in Your Life

Achieve Results

Take the step to transform and grow your business and life and reach the results you’ve been striving for.

What is True Success?

The truth to real success and the art of fulfillment lies in your work, your relationships, and obtaining great health.
When All These Areas Are Balanced, There Is A Freedom That Very Few In This World Reach.

Personal and Business Growth

The most successful business owners in the world today know the best investment is in their personal growth and education.


“April Cummins Is An Amazing Mentor.”

April caters her approach to really make a difference in your life. She is willing to share her skills, knowledge, and expertise while promoting ongoing learning and growth. By far, the best investment I ever made in both my personal and professional life.

Dr. Irfaan Salyani