Self-care: Why business owners need to invest in themselves

by April Cummins

Successful business owners and entrepreneurs will often discuss all the different courses, programs, and tools they used to get to the top. They will talk about all the sleepless nights, sacrifices and effort it took to grow their businesses into being worth seven figures. What is often not discussed is the self-care and discipline it takes to train your body and mind to endure the challenges you may come across. Investing in yourself is critical to creating and maintaining success. Without taking time to focus on self-care, your business will crumble. Here are my top 5 reasons why business owners need to invest in themselves.  

You’ll never regret investing time into yourself

When business owners discuss investing in their business, it usually means downloading a new piece of software, hiring a new department or spending money on more advertising. While this will solve a lot of problems, investing eternally can be just as important. Taking on a new fitness routine or practicing meditation can be just as effective in pivoting your business towards success. Putting time into yourself can help create more ideas, and a clearer mindset and help raise your productivity. You will never regret investing in personal growth and focussing on self-care. 

As you grow, so will your business

Studies show that 80% of businesses won’t last more than ten years. Of the businesses that survive, 40% are profitable, but at what level? 30% break even, and 30% are continually losing money. These statistics make you question the current systems and strategies utilized by business owners. The internet is flooded with “self-help gurus” and quick-fix online courses but more importantly, where are these businesses going wrong? When I began working with these types of struggling business owners, the most common theme I discovered was they all had some negative routines/habits. As you correct these and grow, so will your business. Breaking past personal roadblocks will reflect positivity in your business. 

Your business is a reflection of yourself 

Have you ever heard the term: “Your friends are a reflection of yourself”? The same can be said about your business. If you don’t look after yourself or take the time to create a healthy lifestyle, your work will reflect that. You are the one who creates the culture and overall atmosphere of your business. It is a direct reflection of how you live your life. If you are a frantic, disorganized and stressed-out individual, your business will run the same way. Consider hiring a business coach or strategist who can help tailor your lifestyle to match your business. “The most successful business owners don’t grow their business; they focus on growth within themselves and it reflects on their business.” – April Cummins

Not taking time for yourself is asking for a disaster 

As your business grows, so does your workload. Tripling your revenue means tripling your amount of work. This is something that is not often discussed. You can easily become lost in your successes and forget to take time to look after yourself and focus on self-care. Spreading yourself too thin can be a recipe for disaster. It can lead to you becoming overstressed, tired, more likely to make poor decisions and get sick. The solution to this is taking time for yourself. Scheduling consistent “me time” to help you recover and relax is crucial in maintaining a successful business long-term. This will give you more energy and clarity of mind when facing difficult decisions. Remember, you may have multiple businesses, but there’s only one you. 

A clear and healthy mindset will set you up for success

Maintaining a healthy state of mind helps improve decision-making, leadership skills and communication with your peers. You cannot effectively lead a team if you are in a constant state of stress and despair. Take time to be mindful and find things that calm you down when you are feeling overwhelmed. A clear mind will help you stay in a “state of genius”. Trust your team to perform their jobs correctly and learn how to delegate tasks concisely. The less time you spend worrying about what everyone else is doing, the more time you’ll have to create new ideas.

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