Is Your Mental Health Suffering Because of Your Business?

by April Cummins

We live in a world where people are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of mental health. We now understand that we need to take care of ourselves and take a break every once in a while to recharge. Well, at least in theory we know that.

But how many of us do so? Specifically, when’s the last time you focused on your mental health as a business owner?

After all, few can afford to, right? There’s always something to do or something to stress about, and the entire business often rests on your shoulders. But let’s stop for a second to see how the world of business can affect your mental health.

  1. Constantly Being on Call

Let me guess, as a business owner you tend to think you should dedicate your entire life to grow your brand. While it’s true you need to be dedicated to your work to achieve success, we should define what dedication really is.

You’re not dedicated to your business goals if you constantly write and reply to emails at all hours, keep an eye on every single detail closely, or not take even just a few days off to relax. You are overworking yourself, and getting your mind into overdrive. Things may work perfectly fine for a while, but you will soon begin to experience the fallback in all areas of your life because of your intense schedule.

  1. Never Knowing Anything for Certain

I don’t have to tell you, a business rarely goes 100% to plan. Entrepreneurs are, by definition, people with vision; meaning they can look well into the future and make some decisions in the present to achieve that. Great skill by the way!

And that’s a stressful thing to do because you are essentially taking a guess. Yes, it’s based on instinct and experience, but you have no guarantee your actions will lead you to where you want to be.

 Not Sharing the Burden

If you are a business owner then you may feel a bit isolated. You tend to become very focused on what you need to do. That means less time for friends and family, and the only social interactions that do occur, are for the sake of the business.

Just venting to someone that understands how hard running a business is, can be a chance to unwind and get some things off your chest. Sadly, a lot of us think we can’t spare the time.

  1. Thinking the Success of the Business Equals Your Success

Perhaps one of the biggest mistakes business owners can do is this: if the business goes under, I go under, or my worth as a person lowers. No!!!

Sometimes, a business just fails, and owners should never think their self-worth is less because of it.  I always say failure is the opportunity to begin again with more knowledge!

What Can You Do?

One of the simplest things you could do to take care of your mental health is to take a break every once in a while to recharge. It counts even more than you’d think. Or, if you feel real under, go see a professional mentor or consultant.

The bottom line is this …….. if you feel like your business is affecting your mental health …….. you’re overwhelmed and exhausted ………. you are lying to yourself about the stability of your company, and you may need some assistance.

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